OK it’s a long weekend right now in Vietnam and unlike most Saigonese people I stayed home. But I went to the beach last weekend, I don’t really like when it is too crowded. So when my wife woke up in the morning and told me let’s go to the beach I just said : Let’s go to the beach !!!

OK first, going to the beach is easy from here. You can go to many different places within 1  and 1/2 hour. By boat, by bus, by plane, by motorbike…..and so we got up on our motorbike for approximately a 2-hour drive through the southern Vietnamese forest.

First 1/2 hour to get out of Saigon and reach the Binh Khanh ferry. Ferries…….always are great moments :

Then it’s an hour drive in the beautiful south Vietnam with a few stops on the way :

And we finally got there, in Can Gio

OK this is not Honolulu but it really is a great place to escape Saigon. Fresh air but hot water, sun bathing and most of all fresh and cheap seafood that we grab from whoever stops by and cooks for us.

A long afternoon there watching people around us playing and bathing. I love watching the sea and I could stay there for hours.

A great day that ended up with a ride back home under heavy tropical rain. But I will definitely go back there as often as possible.

Time for a nap under my favorite hat

See you soon




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