Hi everyone

We’ve been lucky last saturday as the weather did not want to make us suffer too much. Clouds showed up quickly hiding that burning sun away from us. It was the perfect conditions to start this new workshop session.

Well as always, some last minute cancellation but it did not prevent us from starting our hunt for Vietnamese hats. As you know that was our theme of the day and the best place to find Vietnamese hats is in markets.

So it’s been more than 3 hours hanging around between flowers, toys, meat, fish, vegetables, motorbikes…..Crowded places but a lot of Vietnamese hats !!! And as always, so many great smiles under those hats.

Vietnamese hats view from the sides, from the top, from below, from the back……..if you like Vietnamese hats as much as I do this post is made for you 🙂

Ok I think that we could put hundreds of pictures with Vietnamese hats anyway.

I want to thank Megan and Tristan for joining me on that session, sorry guys it took a little bit longer than normal. We all took a lot of pictures and we spent quiet a long time analyzing them on the computer afterwards.

Anyway a lot of fun once again, nice people on our way, some good time sharing our pictures with them too….

A next post will come further on with some of Megan and Tristan ‘s best shots. Next session is on thursday night for skyline pictures. Of course if you want to join you are more than welcome but there is only one seat left as we usually are a maximum of 5 “workshopers”. Tripod required !!!

A great picture of a great and so funny man to end this post. See you soon !!!




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