A very interesting post by Aaron Joel Santos here in Vietnam. I would strongly advise you to have a look.

from swerve of shore

Dalat is a beautiful town. It’s the City of Eternal Spring. Vietnam’s Little Paris. The Honeymoon Capital of the country. At times, its streets are literally spilling over with flowers. The air smells piney and fresh. Old French villas dot the landscape like so many crumbling sentinels. So it was no surprise that Piaggio chose the quaint mountain paradise for its new Vespa ad campaign. More surprising was that I was chosen as the photographer.

The Anatomy of an Ad Campaign

I’m lucky enough to work with a great agency and production house here in Vietnam, NOI Pictures, and they were instrumental in putting the shoot together and getting the campaign off the ground. We also worked closely with Phibious, a “creative-led communications company” based in Southeast Asia. They managed the project and were the major creative force for the entire campaign. All told, there were dozens of…

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