Hello friends,
After spending a few hours shooting pictures, I download everything in my computer and start (sometimes immediately and sometimes one week after) looking at them. That’s what we all do. I must say that I take several thousands of pictures every month and I really have to apply my “sudden death” personal filter not to get overwhelmed with pictures. I never really counted but I would say that at first 50% of my pictures don’t go through my “sudden death” filter and end up in the trash folder.
Then there is another 49% that is kept, organized, keyworded and shared on my website and other different social links that everybody knows.
And then I still have that 1% left. The picture that makes you stop what you are doing, the one that really makes you take some time and wonder : “Waouhhh, did I really shoot that one ?!?!?!”
You know, that kind of picture that makes you think that finally you’re not that bad, or simply very lucky….I don’t know! But anyway damn happy to be the one who shot that picture.

Don’t you think the same? What are your rates ? I’d love to know if I’m the only one so let me know 😉
A 1% picture




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