Hi everyone,

Well it was one more workshop session last saturday morning and if you’re a fan of my workshops schedules here , you already know that the theme of the day was “Portraits”. In fact shooting at people’s faces is a great way to learn and practice how to use the Av Mode or Aperture mode, focusing on the main subject and of course trying to get the expected blur effect in the background.

And that ‘s what did an international team of 5 great photographers who were ready to wake up early to turn that small round thing on their cameras around and around all morning long. 🙂

So thanks a lot to Amélie, Joyce, Vivienne, Darryl and Solveig. It was a hot day but I think that we had fun (despite Joyce’s bad adventure at one moment).

So after a first drink and some basic but long explanations about light, aperture, speed……….we finally hit the road and got lost into crowded places where we could have the chance to find a great diversity of faces (and many other things of course).

So here are some of my pictures of that day, I will have some of everybody else’s pictures in another post once I get them. These pictures were mostly shot with my 70-200 f2/8 as Joyce borrowed my 24-70 f2/8. Don’t forget : the goal was to play with the Av button and to get some nice blurs and of course framing and composition !!!

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I personally had a great time with a great team. Interested and interesting questions, everyone took a lot of pictures, shared a lot of informations and personal experiences. :

Once again time went too fast and we ended up more that 2 hours later than scheduled but as always it was worth it. And I believe that everybody had fun too.

See you soon and don’t forget : never leave without your camera !!!



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