Well we were lucky last thursday for our latest night session. First because the weather was OK (even if we had a few rain drops sometimes), but most of all because we had great lights on the river and after in downtown Saigon.

So we started our workshop in one of my favorite spot on Saigon River. Buildings were great, lights were awesome. We finally stayed there much longer than expected as it was so nice to play with the speed and aperture settings to change colors and reflections intensity.

And then of course we headed back to District 1 to catch the beautiful lightings on buildings there. And I must admit that I never get tired of the Opera, the City Hall, The Rex and Caravelle Hotel, Ben Thanh….

But I must admit that I particularly like the night atmosphere and the great relationship that we share all together during the night sessions.

Well next night session on thursday, June 7th. I just can’t wait for it.




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