Hi everybody,

I am mostly organizing 1/2-day workshops and people are asking me sometimes if we could just take a full day and leave Saigon to take pictures somewhere else.

As I have not been out of Saigon for quiet a while now I was thinking that it could be a good idea to go to the most quiet place as possible and enjoy the nature, silence and peacefulness. Like just here for example :


So what would be better than never-ending rice fields in the countryside ? We will reach Go Dau in Tay Ninh Province after a one and half-hour drive. We will visit the market there, a great and traditional market with very friendly people. A really interesting place to shoot life-scene actions and portraits of course.

Then we will go on the river to reach the house of a Vietnamese family. That house is only reachable by boat and it is completely lost in the rice fields. “The” perfect place to rest, enjoy a great meal with the family there. Then it is picture time again, beautiful landscapes (the rice fields are high and green now), kids, farms, animals, lotus ponds, bamboo gardens……

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Then we will go back on the boat to head back to our car and start the way back to HCMC. Maybe a stop on the way in a Cao Dai Temple if we have time.

Well I do believe it will be a great day to take a lot of pictures and enjoy time all together.

I accept a maximum of 6 people to join the group. It is the best way to maximize the time we will spend with our cameras. So if you want to join or need any other information, please contact me at ylerval@me.com.

See you soon 🙂


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