With more than 6 millions motorbikes hanging around in the streets everyday, Saigon is undoubtedly a “motorbike Paradise”.

But it’s only until I moved in my new place in District 2 that I realized that there is another kind of very heavy traffic : Boats.

Huge cargos, container vessels, cruise liners… are moving on Saigon River among hundreds of other smaller wooden boats, speed boats, barges, houseboats…

I’m lucky to enjoy a beautiful view on the river from my balcony. And I am impressed by that unbelievable traffic that I am witnessing during day time of course but at night time too.

Ok the river is large but how is it possible that so many different boats cross each other’s way without any accidents ?

Anyway I really enjoy being on my balcony and watching this never-sleeping river but when a boat starts horning at 4:00 am it’s not so much fun anymore 😀

Have a good day