Ok I’m a bit late to write this post as it was 2 weeks ago already, but better too late than never 🙂

It was an unexpected nice day. Rain was pouring since a few days already and I was about to cancel our trip the day before but as always here the weather is unpredictable and we have not had more than 2 mn of rain.

So we headed to Tay Ninh Province in the early morning to reach a small town 2 hours away just before the Cambodian border.

First hours in the market, so different from what we can see in HCMC, we are in the countryside here.

I personally decided to use my 70-200 and focus on portraits :

People are not so used to meet many foreigners there and are always so friendly. It was just so easy for us to shoot, in the middle of a crowd laughing at us every time we were making a move. No wonder why my co-photographers took so many pictures and Barrett was just spending his time juggling with his 3 cameras and friending with everybody :

It was time to leave this crowded market to head for the boat waiting to take us to a much more quiet area 30 mn away in the middle of the rice fields.

A nice and refreshing boat trip on the river there to reach our final destination : a Vietnamese family waiting to have lunch with us in their house (actually in their garden). Everything was just perfect as always including a short nap in the hammocks :

The rice fields are beautiful at that time of the year, really green just a few weeks before harvest. We spent 2 hours hanging around there with all the kids from the houses around staying and playing with us :

Once again a lot of good times with everybody, we even have a very new young photographer who spent all his time shooting at everything around him :

and actually everybody took a lot of pictures :

And it really became tough to say good-bye and leave that place where I would have loved to stay overnight.

Back to HCMC in the late afternoon with a stop on the way in a Cao Dai temple. A first experience for Barrett. I love Cao Dai temples, they are so interesting for pictures. And if you want to see more about Cao Dai temples just go HERE

We definitely had a great day. Lots of smiles and laughs, sharing happy moments with people everywhere.


Only 2 photographers were with me on that day but very advanced level photographers and we really shared a lot of informations. I think we all had a very good time.

Sue, a great Australian woman living here in HCMC and Barrett who just landed a few days before from California for a 6 weeks journey in Vietnam.

And if you are looking for great pictures from Vietnam (and other places), I would strongly recommend you to have a look at Sue’s website HERE  and her galleries on Flickr THERE. There really are astonishing shots.

So thank you Sue and Barret for joining me on that day 🙂

And a last special thank you to my wife Nhan who always is so helpful to me and organizes all these photo tours for us 😉

See you soon on another post about our full day tour last sunday near the ocean in Can Gio area. It actually was so great that we are all going to go back there next sunday 😀