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Finally here is the post about our last full day workshop before the summer.

After the countryside in Tay Ninh Province we decided to organize something more around the sea shores close to HCMC and we all gathered in Can Gio.

This workshop was a bit special as we had the reporters and cameras of VTC10 following us all day.

Well leaving HCMC early morning to reach the beach in Can Gio at low tide and work on some more specific documentary photo techniques. The goal was to spend some time with those people collecting sand to get Egg clams. I had been there on an assignment just a few days before and I really thought that it would be a great idea to share this moments with my co-photographers. Besides it is always so nice to hang around in the water :

And after spending a few hours there we headed to the boat which would take us from Can Gio to a tiny fishermen island near there. Some good time shooting at the boats while waiting for ours

Let’s go on our boat

And we finally get to our tiny Island where a wonderful family is waiting for us to have lunch, of course fish and seafood…

And we started our tour around the island, in and around the small village. As always everybody was so nice, even if it was a bit surprising to see that group of photographers followed by TV cameras. We very rapidly became the attraction of the day and got completely overwhelmed by kids.

And once again we shared so much with everybody there. Good times, interesting meetings, smiles, lots of new very good friends…….:-) And sometimes some nice faces passing through our lenses

and some lucky moments like this huge container vessel passing by


We headed back to our boat as the end of the day was approaching. Once again we had been really lucky with the weather as we had absolutely no rain that day (we are in the middle of the rainy season now) but I did not think that our hour-long trip back on the boat would be so perfect :

So as I said we definitely had a great time and I want to thank my co-photographers of the day for joining me. Once again some good time together, talking a lot about photography and sharing so many interesting informations. I really love it !!!

And I will not end this post without thanking Nhan, my favorite assistant (and wife on the same occasion) for her help, availability and kindness.

She has always been there for everyone to give informations, explain and translate for us, therefore allowing us to really communicate with people and understand more about their lives.

And she even takes good pictures (especially pictures of me) 🙂

As I said before it was our last full day workshop before summer but we will be back for more early september

Bye bye