I am spending a couple of days in the famous Vietnamese city of Hoi An for an assignment here and as I had about 1/2 day off waiting for my customer I just hung out in the streets of the old town.

The last time I went to Hoi An was maybe about 8 years ago and I remember that it was a place that I enjoyed going to.

Despite a huge amount of tourists Hoi An definitely is a place to visit. The good thing about tourists though is that people are so used to being shot they really don’t mind taking time for you or even pausing in front of your camera.

Arriving from Saigon, just hanging around in the ‘yellow town” – as I like to call it – I just feel like being on vacations. Here time seems to stop. No cars, almost no motorbikes, just a few kids and tourists riding bicycles together. The main transportation remains cyclos which seem to move around like in a slow motion movie.

I just loved spending time in the shades under the large trees filled with hundreds of lanterns, by the water where boat owners propose  1 hour-tours around the old town or just on the terrace of one coffee place to watch life going on in front of me.

And of course these very old buildings and sites where tourist guides perfectly explain you about life in Vietnam in ancient times.

One more day here today before flying back tonight to Saigon and to France tomorrow for a few weeks but in the meantime I hope these few pictures will make you think that Hoi An definitely is worth the visit