Hello everybody,

That’s it! School has started in France so I had to leave my sons to do the same as everybody and go back to work.
So here I am back in Hcmc on a first assignment tonight for the French Consulate with the shooting of a concert of Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi (at 8:00 pm at Idecaf for those who want to join) and on another assignment on Saturday for Estée Lauder again. I will definitely talk about these events on further posts.

But I did not want to leave France without posting this picture of my eldest son Ethan in France. I shot him with my phone while he was trying to throw away his raincoat as far as possible like Olympic champions he saw on TV throwing discs a few hours before.


I cannot really tell why I like that picture so much. Maybe the movement, the emptiness in front of him, or the mountains, or is it simply the instant that was caught here? I don’t know. This young boy is throwing something away in front of him like he’s willing to move forward, go on and discover what is expecting him in his sunny future.
I hope you will like that picture as much as I do 😃

See you soon