Hello everybody,

This is two brand new classes that I am very happy to propose you in October.

Given the large uncertainty about the climate, I did not really want to take our cameras in the rain and I am therefore proposing two different workshop topics highly complementary and even mandatory for any photographer :

1. Adobe Lightroom 4 Training Workshop

During this 1 day workshop I will introduce you to Adobe Lightroom 4 software specifically developed for today’s digital photographers. Expect to learn to download, organize, manage, develop, and present your photography using your own laptop, ensuring a smooth transition to digital photography workflow.

2. Marketing and photography workshop : how to build a photography website and a blog 

Whether you are a rookie or an advanced photographer, your photos are made to be shown. It will show you how to build a photography website that does what you want it to do. Whether you want to attract people, share your work, display your work and even sell your pictures, you will appreciate our easy to understand and do steps. And of course we will build a website and a blog that look like you.

For more details about each course, just click on their name above

See you soon 🙂