Hello everyone,

As always now I was covering an event for the French consulate here in Ho Chi Minh City.  That last event was the concert of French rock – electronic group GaBlé. I always like shooting concerts even if the lights on stage here as not as good as in Europe and of course it does have bad consequences on the pictures. But we do with what we have and actually it was pretty good that time.

So that’s the reason why I tried some monochrome post treatment :-D. This is the first time I make black & whites on concert pictures, but I actually feel that it really is matching with their music. Here are some of the pictures, I hope that you will like them as much as I enjoyed shooting them and when I like the music as much as I liked their music I really feel much more inspired with my camera.

If you want to know more about GaBLé, you can click HERE, their last album is HERE.

And if you want to see the whole gallery of pictures just click HERE.

Bye bye