Hi everybody,

it recently was a busy time in the world photographic awards with many prices and rewards distributed a bit everywhere in the world. Like this picture of Paul Hansen who won one of the most prestigious contest of the World Press Photo of the Year 2012 :

World Press Photo of the Year 2012. Photo by Paul Hansen.

I’m not a photoshelter photographer (more like a smugmug one) but I always follow the different posts which can be found on their blogs. There always is a lot of very interesting informations and this post here deserves to be read :


This post is written by Allen Murabayashi, Chairman and co-founder of PhotoShelter.  Allen is actually showing how very good pictures must somehow be changed in a way it can touch the largest audience and of course, give even more weight to the message they want to bring us.

It’s always great when guys like him share with us informations and comments about what is going on in the photographic world. So I thought it was worth sharing.

I hope you’ll like it