lr5radial-629x240Hi everybody

Adobe has released Photoshop Lightroom 5, the latest version of its workflow and image editing software.

If you downloaded the beta version of Lightroom 5 released last April, then you already know its main new features. You will certainly have tested the “smart previews”  system with RAW DNG that are a fraction of the size of a full RAW file but still offering the flexibility of RAW images and the possibility to edit them while on the go and working on a light storage space SSD ultrabooks.

The new healing brush and the circular gradient are among the new stuff worth noting of Lightroom 5 as well as the new tools to straighten images and correct volume distortions.

Since the launch of the beta of Lightroom 5, water has flowed under the bridges and the improvement program launched by Adobe has allowed developers to fix a whopping 400 bugs. Lightroom 5 also now interfaces with behance, the social sharing service for creative work, recently acquired by Adobe.

Lightroom 5 will be available as a single application, but is also included in the software package Adobe Creative Cloud. The price to upgrade to Lightroom 5 is $79, no, ain’t really cheap for a now yearly update rhythm, and the software is sold $149.

I downloaded the 30 days trial version here yesterday, I will use it for a few days and come back to you with my opinion on this update and its new features in a new post to come soon.

But be careful if you upload the trial version and update your catalog in LR5, there will be no way that you can get it back on LR4 with the changes that you made in the meantime on LR5. So I would strongly advise you to try LR5 with a secondary catalog in case you decide not to keep LR5 and come back to LR4.

In the meantime and if you want more informations about it, click HERE for a first complete presentation.

And of course I would be very happy to know about your personal impressions.

Have a great day 🙂