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Confused about how to upgrade your catalogs from previous Lightroom versions?  Here’s the short version:

How do I upgrade my catalog from version 4 to version 5?

If you’re ready to upgrade, first make sure you have a current catalog backup, just in case something goes wrong. Proper measures have been put in place to avoid disasters, but you can never be too careful.

When you open Lightroom 5 for the first time, it should follow any existing Lightroom 4 preferences, and either prompt you for a catalog to open, or try to open your default catalog. If you’ve never run Lightroom on this machine, it will ask you where to create a default catalog.

When you try to open any earlier catalogs, Lightroom 5 will ask you to upgrade your catalog. You can select a different folder name or location for the upgraded catalog if you wish. The new version 5 catalog will be an upgraded copy—your original catalog won’t be changed, although the previews file will be moved to the Lightroom 5 catalog. You may want to move the original catalog to your backups folder once the upgrade is complete.

The upgrade process may take a while, as it checks the original files for additional information, for example, the bit depth and color profile. Note that if the original files are offline, for example, on disconnected external hard drives, then that extra metadata will not be added to the catalog.

Need more detail?

I found this excellent video which definitely should help you a lot  :

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