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Hello everybody,

Maybe some of you have already noticed but I have a brand new website.

Well first I think it’s always good to change how things look of course but I also wanted to have something more clear with easier access to the pictures

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So an easier access to the different galleries with a different way of displaying pictures and very important for my customers, an even simpler way to get access to their private galleries to download their pictures in HD.

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There is now a separate link in the main menu to reach each and all private, family or wedding shootings

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 15.19.01Last but not least you will now find a link to a very brand new feature : the “Boutique”.

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There you can get access to my best sellers and you will find 3 possibilities to download the pictures of your choice from 1 Mo to its original size for big size prints :

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More products will come but….be patient 🙂

An new link about my workshops, a better “About Me” and  “Contact” form, and of course a link to this blog are the final lines in the main menu.

Well I hope that you will like it and find it pleasant to visit. I will be happy if you leave your constructive critics here.

To get there you can hit “Website” in the menu on top of this post or simply follow this link :

Have a great day 🙂