Hi everybody,

I am now more and more working for the second largest Oil Company in Europe named Perenco. They are developing their activities here in Vietnam and installing more and more offshore platforms in the South China Sea.

For the second time I went to photograph the maneuvers for loading the base of a platform (the jacket as they call it) onto a barge to be shipped and installed in the sea about 300 km away. It definitely is a very impressive thing to see, the size and weight of the jacket, the operations on the barge with the ballasts to compensate the weight of the jacket, the precision to drive the trailer up to the barge….well I loved it.

Here is a small selection of pictures, I hope it will show how everything is disproportionate :

YL7_12709 YL7_12720 YL7_12780IMG_52457one of the men driving the trailer, I would not bear as much responsibility as he does 🙂




A few shots with men working around me

IMG_52458 IMG_52497 IMG_52530Some funny things that we can only see in VietnamIMG_52517

And finally a few hours later the jacket is on the barge….really hugeYL7_12859_HDR

And to finish a view from the barge with my fish-eye lens (easy to see the ballasts in action on the right)YL7_12762

Ok no need to say that I loved it…more assignments for Perenco in the meantime so that means that more pictures and posts will come.

Have a great day 🙂