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As I mentioned in my previous post Lightroom to be soon on your Ipad, at Photoshop World last week Adobe Product Manager Tom Hogarty demonstrated Lightroom Mobile, an exciting solution now in development that will allow us to seamlessly review and make at least basic adjustments to photos in our Desktop Lightroom catalogs using our iPads or iPhones.

Adobe Vision for Evolution of Lightroom

This is a component of the future direction of Lightroom that Tom articulated, moving from being just “your Desktop photography solution, to being your (complete) photography solution”.

Lightroom Mobile is still very much in development, but Tom demonstrated in Lightroom on his main computer:

  • Putting a checkmark next to collections that he wanted Lightroom to sync to his iPad
  • Logging into his Adobe account from within Lightroom
  • Turning on a  “Lightroom Sync” switch.

This was all it took for Lightroom to upload photo smart previews and a small Lightroom catalog up to the Cloud, and down to his iPad.

Then in Lightroom Mobile on his iPad, Tom showed:

  • That photos automatically appeared –  with their develop work (and presumably keywords and other metadata).
  • Reviewing  and rating photos in Grid and Loupe View
  • Applying Basic Panel develop adjustments
  • Uploading photos to a web gallery and to

Tom then jumped back to Lightroom on his main computer, and the  work he had done on his iPad was there, with no further instructions to Lightroom needed!

Who knows how much functionality will ultimately be built into Lightroom Mobile (or whatever it is ultimately called). The really impressive thing so far is how seamlessly and intuitively it works.

As Tom indicated, many of us would still want to do serious development work on our computers with our calibrated monitors, but I am waiting eagerly for the day when I can review a shoot while I’m sitting on the couch or waiting for an appointment (or on a train or on a plane, as Tom pointed out), do basic adjustments, and have that work show up back on my main computer!

So you tell me that it already exists, with applications such as Photosmith that I also presented in a previous post called The Photosmith App for Lightroom and the iPad. Yes and no. Photosmith, although pushing the integration iPad / Lightroom far, requires a fairly rigid system synchronization and does not offer the seamless integration. For me, all these applications try to force the tablet in my workflow, a bit like a kid who tries to enter a triangular object in a round hole, so that I gave up on regular programs of this type. I expect a full integration, effortless, and obviously it is what Lightroom development team is working on now. The dynamic previews, based on DNG, allow you to enjoy the flexibility of raw files to a fraction of their volume, which opens a field of interesting possibilities.

I invite you to see this video HERE of the presentation of Tom Hogarty, the images are very telling. And I am especially pleased with the direction taken by Lightroom which, in my opinion, meets the real needs and expectations of the public and the photographers.

Have a great day 🙂