Hello everybody

Well it has been some very busy times lately. Of course I left France back to Vietnam a few weeks ago already and already 2 assignments in the meantime which really took my mind out of my pictures shot in South of France. But I really would love to post some more shots here. Of course my point is not to show any pictures of my work for Piriou during the show but more to give some idea of the ambiance there as it really was a very special time.

So here are some random shots, I hope you’ll like them :

5DMK3-27839 5DMK3-27866 5DMK3-27869 5DMK3-28050 5DMK3-28052 5DMK3-28061 5DMK3-28170 5DMK3-28229 5DMK3-29022 5DMK3-29027 5DMK3-29299 5DMK3-29301 7D-29079 7D-29223 7D-29224

and a few more shots at night time which are always among my favorites

5DMK3-29219 5DMK3-29222 5DMK3-29214 5DMK3-29179 5DMK3-28397 5DMK3-28391

and a few very early morning shots with some impressive golden light

5DMK3-29259 5DMK3-29261 7D-29269 7D-29280

and to end this post a couple HDR for the fun

5DMK3-29382_HDR 5DMK3-29387_HDR

See you soon