Well I know it’s been more than 2 months that I left the ladies in my earlier post but once again a bit busy lately to post anything.

Anyway better late than never so here are some more pictures of my 2 ladies (together with one daughter) again cooking, drinking and taking the pause for me 🙂

YL_5M3_32520-Edit YL_5M3_33390-Edit YL_5M3_33377-Edit YL_5M3_33204-Edit YL_5M3_33179-Edit-Edit YL_5M3_33012-Edit YL_5M3_32966-Edit YL_5M3_32822-Edit-2 YL_5M3_32539-Edit

This post will end the time I had with them before going back outside as the rain was finally stopping.

See you soon

Bye bye