Hello again

So here is my final post about that shooting last week.

if you did not read my last 2 posts, I was in Nha Trang to shoot the salt harvest which happens just a few days once a year. Vvvery early morning drive one hour north of Nha Trang to be there before sunrise and have time to get organized. Luckily I was with my good friend and very talented photographer Nguyễn Vũ Phước who was  so kind to organize everything for us.

The magic began at the very beginning with the first day lights rising on the water fields which were becoming like multicolored mirrors.


Then everybody started to move and get ready for work. That was the beginning of 2 hours of amazing time with an exceptional light even after the sun came out. No clouds at all, the sunrise was just amazing….

There are about 50 people working there all year but during harvest they need to harvest at least one ton of salt everyday.

I tried to lift up the baskets that these women are carrying on the pictures and believe me when I say I could not.

We spent a bit of time talking to one of them who was there since more than 20 years and here is her shoulder


Well we’ve had a great time and I must thank my friendPhước for taking me again to some unbelievable place. Everything was just wonderful and the workers there were all so nice and friendly. It was really worth it

If you want to see more, all the pictures are online in my gallery HERE

Have a great time and see you soon