Hi there,

Back to Ha Giang Province this time again with this post focusing a bit more on the people I could meet during the few days I spent there.


On my opinion, photo trips have always been the best way to meet local people. I never pretend I can live like them as it is not possible but having a camera with me makes me feel like going to meet people and behave in a much more social way – which I don’t always do when I don’t have a camera. And I could see that wherever I have been traveling to, it has always been true.


I can meet people for just a few minutes, I can stay with people for several hours even several days, or it can just be someone who will happen to show up in front of me for a few seconds…what I really like with people is that we never meet the same person twice.


Everyone is unique, therefore every picture, every portrait is unique. And as I said in a previous post, I can shoot the same face several times I will never have the same picture.

Of course, traveling to North Vietnam in remote areas in a land where many Ethnic minorities are living makes everything more pleasant for me as a photographer. The costumes, the hats, the jewelry….every time there is something different in front of my lens. Adding all this to the environment, the landscapes, the activities and the work of all these people…it is just simply the best.


Lots of people, lots of faces, lots of costumes, lots of different environments….but always the same beauty and the same pride. So here are a few pictures that I am happy to share with you below


Well I think I should keep shooting at people, don’t you think ?


You can find all these pictures and many more on my website and more specifically on the Ha Giang Province gallery

See you soon 🙂