Hello everybody

I have received a very surprising email last night from the extremely popular photography platform 500px


I always considered 500px as a quite exclusive platform where photographers only put what they consider very good pictures. This is how 500px has always been presented and I had the feeling that launching their market place 2 years ago was not suitable with that image.

Anyway,I became a lot more active on that platform since 6 months and for each picture I usually agree to put them on their market place just here. If you follow the link you will see that I definitely don’t have a lot of pictures there.

So I must say that i was very surprised when I read their email as I never thought that this would be the place where I would sell even 1 picture, not saying that $20 USD is about 10 times more than what I would get from Fotolia, Shutterstock, Getty….and all these stock photography websites.

So now what should I do ? Should I consider 500px with a different eye and start using it as a stock photography platform or should I keep posting the pictures which I think are good ?

Because everybody knows that good pictures are not the ones that pay the bills, right ? 🙂

And BTW, if you want to see my galleries on 500px, it’s just a click away

See you soon