Hi everybody

a few days after shooting a handball game I was happy to be accredited to shoot a French ligue 1 football game between Montpellier (MHSC) and Lyon (OL) .

Once again it was my first time shooting football and it was a good opportunity for my agency Sipa Press to send me there as some famous players are playing for Lyon, especially Alexandre Lacazette who is currently pretty much on the live news feed with a possible transfer to Madrid next season .

Well once again it was fun. Not that impressive and not really complicated to shoot. What I loved the most was the ambiance there with some really crazy groups of supporters. I definitely would love to experience especially as the weather conditions were so nice with great temperatures as there is in the South of France.

So here are a few pictures of football 🙂


More sport to come very soon again 🙂

See you soon