Hi everybody

I’ve been very lucky to be able to spend a few days in Hong Kong last week and witness many of the events, festivities… that were organized by the Chinese Government to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the handover of the former British colony back to mainland China.

Hong Kong anniversary of the handover

20 years already…

And since I was sent there by my press agency Sipa my main goal was to try to photograph what was behind the scenes – actually very much in front of the scene since a majority of Hong Kong residents are not very happy about any Chinese influence and would definitely prefer to see Hong Kong as an independent province.

Hong Kong 20th anniversary of the handover

Many protests took place to ask for more democracy but also to to demand the immediate release of Chinese activists Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia as well as justice for victims of the Tiananmen Square crackdown

Therefore I had the chance to approach, meet and follow several pro-independent leaders, I could stay by their side during several protests and could personally witness some of their actions

I also met Avery NG, the Chairman of the League of Social Democrats who was arrested by the police one day before and released just before I could shoot the wounds he was showing me after being severely beaten by the police.


A very interesting and definitely very friendly man (thanks Thierry Schaeffer for the picture)

And I finally met 23 year-old Nathan Law. This young guy who doesn’t look much older than my son is the youngest deputy of Hong Kong parliament and founded pro independent party Demosisto together with Joshua Wong, one of the main leader of the Umbrella mouvement back in 2014.

Hong Kong Civil Human Rights Front protest march

This young man is definitely very smart and impressive and there is no doubt to me that we will soon hear from him. Definitely the head and shoulders of a Hong Kong President.

Yesterday July 1st was the annual pro independent protest. An event which is by far the most impressive political rally that I’ve had the chance to witness until now with hundreds of thousands of people quietly demonstrating in the streets of Hong Kong, under a very peaceful police control.

Once again this amazing feeling to be allowed to witness such an event and somehow I am sure a bit of history as all these young leaders will soon be called to play a very important role for their country.

Future will tell….

Did I ever tell you that I love my job ?