Yan Lerval Digital

French photographer in Vietnam

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Yan Lerval

Yan is a French freelance photographer – videographer living in Vietnam.

Corporate, documentary, sport photography – Videography, online / offline video editing.

Specialising in Oil & Gaz as well as heavy Industries, Yan is working for both editorial and corporate customers.

For many years now, Yan has also been working for photo agencies on each continent and his work has been published in many travel magazines.

For any additional information please use the contact form below :

9 thoughts on “About – contact

  1. Hi Yan, now I ‘m getting myself in trouble because i was writing to compliment you on your site and your great shots and now I find myself wanting to get pricing on your workshops! Ouch! So I have two different questions. 1. is how did you create the live nav buttons on your transparent banner. i have been on smug and DGrin for two years years and still cant make the nav bar. as part of my header. Yours is great.
    2. How do you price your workshops. Ideally for me I would like to come to Viet Nam or wherever else you do workshops. I am in Canada and I deserve a trip. What do you offer.
    Thanks, keep shooting those great shots and respond at your leisure.
    Best regards,
    Charles Daly

    1. Nothing much just sit back & relax tu as bien mérité … dommage je ne peux pas venir voir ton expo ça doit être sympa …. Peut être quand je serai en Asie à la prochaine visite 🙂

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