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Adobe Lightroom Training Workshop

Adobe Lightroom Training Workshop

This workshop is designed as an introduction to Adobe Lightroom.


Lightroom training offers a quick, creative, start-to-finish workflow intensive program for photography enthusiasts, serious amateurs, and working pros. It is the essential software tool for any serious photographer. You create the beautiful imagery and use Lightroom 4.0  as a tool to take care of the rest. With a database for organization, a Develop module for image processing and enhancement, a slideshow presentation component, a print engine, and web galleries, Lightroom  is critical to your work.

Bring your laptop with the current version of Adobe Lightroom installed, and of course, your photography files. In this 1 day workshop, we’ll cover the entire Lightroom workflow including capturing, cataloging, sorting, editing, developing and outputting your images.

This workshop will focus on helping you master the essential Import, Library and Develop modules so that you’ll spend less time in front of your computer and more time out taking photos. In short, at the end of the day, you’ll fully understand how Lightroom works and how to create stunning images from the program.

After taking this workshop, you’ll be well prepared for the next workshop in our series: Master Adobe Lightroom Advanced (informations will come very soon).

Duration : 7 hours

For general informations about price, place, or any additional information that you might need, please contact me HERE

See you soon 🙂

*Please Note: Participants need to bring a computer (Mac or PC) loaded with Adobe Lightroom Software. If you don’t have Adobe Lightroom, you can easily download a 30-day trial version here. If you need help on how to purchase or install Lightroom, don’t hesitate to contact me.
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