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French photographer in Vietnam

Yan Lerval Digital

15476389Hi everyone and welcome to my blog about everything that  deals around photography, videography, imagery, post-processing…

Informations and pictures about my day-to-day experiences : assignments, workshops or simply “I was there at the right time” kind of pictures. Happy, funny or sad pictures, just to share and witness here what is the everyday life of a photographer in Vietnam.

But also I would like this blog to present more about photography in Vietnam. Events, exhibitions, contests, Vietnamese photographers of course but also foreign photographers which I can cross the way on the road or just simply on the web….all kind of informations that I can gather and that I will think are interested to share and promote.

And finally, Vietnam Photo is tens of thousands of pictures : people, landscapes, everyday life shots, culture, religions……the list is infinite. Pictures that can be used as supports for magazines, reporting advertising, marketing, digital media, presentations, websites, conservation projects….once again the list is infinite. Just contact me for more informations.

Well I hope that you enjoy this blog and if you do, please don’t forget to let people know about it.

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